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Your Pattern

A self paced course to help you transcend the patterns that hold you back and reconnect with yourself 

Do you feel ready to learn the purpose of your patterns, transcend them and expand to your next level? 

We all find ourselves from time to time experiencing the same repetitive emotions, being involved in the same
situations in our lives and getting triggered again and again. 
This happens because of the patterns we have formed in
our subconscious and which until we observe, validate and release, are going to keep attracting the same experiences
in our lives as they are only trying to grab our attention to what needs to be looked at so that we connect with ourselves and our wholeness.

The reason we often feel controlled by those emotions is that we haven't actually processed them and integrated them
in the past so that the energy moves on, and instead it gets stored in our body and psyche until we release it.

Those patterns have been formed only to protect us as we often didn't feel safe to be ourselves when we were children,
whether because of judgments, reactions, or beliefs of the adults in our environment.

Often we had to reject ourselves in order to survive as that's what we subconsciously decided was best to do, and it probably was at the time. But now that we are adults ourselves, we have the power to change those patterns, release the ties, and give the space to our authentic selves to express naturally by integrating the unprocessed energy and emotions that formed those patterns.

What is the "authentic self" or "true self"? This is who we are underneath all the conditioning we have received from our environment - we mistake who we are for the voices of others but when we clear what is not ours and what we had to adopt in order to cope, a more effortless expression of ourselves emerges, one that feels comfortable to us as it is our unique self, who we came here to be. 


Let go & connect with your true essence

The patterns of the same emotions & situations only repeat themselves because they haven't been integrated and the emotions haven't been released. Instead, we are going around carrying this baggage of suppressed energy, blocking ourselves from experiencing more ease and flow.


When we let go of the weight, we expand and reconnect with our natural expression. Many of us haven’t learned how to process our emotions - as we often were judged and criticised for showing how we feel and therefore we decided to hide or reject our emotions in order to be accepted.


But the emotions don’t actually go anywhere, they stay repressed in our body. With this process you will learn how to identify your emotions, work with your triggers and increase your self awareness so that whenever you find yourself in situations that are activating for you, instead of feeling powerless and a victim, you will feel more empowered by taking responsibility for your patterns and integrate the separate parts of yourself to experience wholeness.



As a Personal Development Coach & Business Psychologist, I feel very passionate about growth and transformation. Since I was very young I have been an explorer and a seeker to understand how the mind and psyche work as I could feel that they are very much interconnected and influence the experiences we have in our everyday lives.


I always felt the inner drive to deeply understand why we behave the way that we do, what is causing our experiences and how we can grow from them into the best versions of ourselves in an empowering way instead of feeling powerless.


After helping many people work with their triggers but also working with mine, I have come to understand that we can use the uncomfortable situations that trigger us to help us connect back to our wholeness, experiencing more peace and greatness.


This is why I created Your Pattern so that you can have a tool in your pocket

                             Hi, I'm Stefi

to use whenever you feel ready to transform your patterns and expand to new possibilities.

This course was created to help you:

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What's Included :

How our patterns are formed

What role do suppressed emotions play in forming

our patterns


How these patterns then shape our experiences and our environment

How inner conflict is created within different parts of ourselves


How we can use our emotions and triggers as guides to empower ourselves as we have a lot more control than

what we think

Audio NLP recording (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

to guide you to work with your patterns and process

your emotions anytime you find yourself triggered

by finding the root cause and transforming what

created the pattern in the first place


This is for you if:

You feel you had enough with experiencing the same triggers in your life and finding yourself in the same situations


You want to have an empowered approach to your life rather than feelling powerless and that there’s nothing you can do

You want a practical tool to help you in the process of transformation

You want to experience more peace and expansion in your life

You feel ready to take responsibility for your self and grow


*Disclaimer: This course is not to replace therapy with a professional,

always consult your therapist if you feel uncertain

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